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Sunny Delights! Hay rides, hot cider, and getting cozy with the queer community.

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Femina Potens has been a powerful figure in San Francisco since 2001, working as a community-building multidisciplinary arts organization conducting programs that authentically explore the experiences of queer women, transgender people and others living outside the female-malegender binary. Now, it’s time to tell the whole story.

“Femina Potens: A Decade of Art, Sex and Feminism” is an art book-in-process by Madison Young, founder of Femina Potens. The organization has apast rich in cultural and artistic history.

To jog your memory, check out the

FP Timeline.

We are looking for YOUR submissions of content for the book. Stories, photos, quotes, memories, community involvement & impact of Femina Potens…you’ve got it, we want it!

Submissions can be sent to








by Ahna Aorta for Femina Potens


September 29, 2011, 4:30pm


at Mission Pie in San Francisco

Brit Howard is a Bay Area-based “not-yet-thirty” visual artist currently working with Femina Potens to create a children’s book from Madison Young’s text “My Mommy is a Love Artist”.  Brit is the illustrator for the book, but also makes work as a sculptor, painter and installation artist.  Her pieces have been featured in multiple Femina Potens gallery shows over the past few years.  Brit’s interactive, mixed-media installation for the FP “My Mommy is a Love Artist” exhibit is now showing at the Blue Dahlia Gallery.


Ahna: Hi, thanks for meeting with me.

Brit: Hi, thanks for letting me meet with you, or something.


A: I’ve been stalking you online in preparation for this interview and in one bio write-up you say that you wanted to “be an astronaut or a doctor when (you) grew up; things changed”.  Instead you became what you refer to as a “physical philosopher”.  What first brought you to making art?

B: We had a family friend who was an artist, and he would draw with me.  He recognized some sort of talent.  I was really good at it.  That was the reason I got through grade school, I think; I drew everything instead of writing it.

A: You majored in sculpture in college but now work in multiple mediums.  What keeps you moving between different processes?

B: I work as a sculpture technician for the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  I work with the faculty and students, and the mediums that are available to me are incredibly extensive.  Each one lends itself to having a certain amount of potential. All of this inspiration around you and every object has this little thing about it that you want to toy with.

A: Do you still work in sculpture most of the time?

B: Yes, primarily.  My work ethic has been pretty lazy lately, to say the least, but I have a plan that is definitely sculptural as well as a printmaking studio that a friend of mine is currently working on in the East Bay, so hopefully I’ll start silk-screening; I have ideas, I just need to do them.  Execution is the key.






Building community and inspire positive social change through education enhancement, career trainings, health promotion, and leadership development with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth, their families, and allies of all races, classes, genders, and abilities.
Native Houstonian who enjoys spending time with her friends and ferrets when she isn’t pursuing art projects, working at the Rice Gallery, updating her websites, or otherwise overcommitted.
Actress, activist, & comedian
Painter & muralist
Event and exhibition space in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District
New Mom, tattooer, Musician-Howler for “T&A”, puppeteer, etc… etc…
Queer, erotic comic artist who fuses art with politics, graphics with sex, and education with visuals as a method of altering societal norms and breaking down preconceived notions of gender and sexuality
Portraiture & Illustration
Insurrection, Connection & Community Through The Arts

Original Plumbing’s Family Matters issue has been a long time coming. The longest OP to date with 60 pages of interviews with every type of family that would share their story with us, this issue isn’t just for OP fans, but is also a personal resource for family members of trans children and trans parents looking for community. Some subjects touched on include: Chosen family, solo parenting (& dating) as trans men, being a supportive parent of a transgender teenager in the public school system, foster parenting, grieving the loss of a family members, trans male pregnancy and more.




October is a time for hay rides, hot cider, and getting cozy with the queer community.

This month join Femina Potens Gallery as we present a host of art & community events, workshops, exhibits & panel discussions.

Explore your identity as a queer parent through art and writing, talk about consent & kink community with community leaders Madame Butterfly and Cleo Dubois, get Crafty with costumes & Create new traditions as we put a different spin on concepts such as Marriage, Coupledom & Family in an innovative new visual art exhibit that already has the art world buzzing.

Catch up with artist Brit Howard about her recent work in our latest exhibit and upcoming queer children’s book, My Mommy is a Love Artist, in an interview by Femina Potens’ newest intern, Aorta.

And contribute to the lineage of Femina Potens’ upcoming art book, “Femina Potens: A Decade in Art, Sex & Feminism”.

Looking for an opportunity to exhibit your art work? Check out Femina Potens new Artists’ Opportunities on where we already have posted over a half a dozen calls for submissions.

Love. Art. Community. Identity. Put that in your cinnamon stick and suck it.




  • October 5th 1pm – Sexy Mamas (Papas, Uncles, Aunties) Social Club Field Trip – Exploratorium

Take a field trip with the Sexy Mamas to the Exploratorium. Kids of all ages enjoy this interactive museum experience that explains the reason “why?” things work the way that they do. At least when it comes to science.

Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts. 3601 Lyon Street San Francisco, CA 94123.

FREE – ALL AGES – FP Family & Youth

  • October 7th (1pm) – The Sexy Mama’s Social Club brunch

San Francisco’s Sexy Mama’s Social Club is a group of moms (and moms-to-be) in the San Francisco and Bay Area who are sex positive, part of alternative sex communities (kink, poly-amorous, lesbian queer), adult industry professionals, sex educators, sex writers, burlesque performers, sexual artists, sexual healers, sex workers (past or present) or allies.

This group is open to Mamas, Papas, Uncles, Aunties Queer Families of all gender identities.

For location details email Madison Young at feminapotens@gmail.com

ALL AGES – FP Family & Youth

  • October 12th, 19th and 26th The Art of Queer Parenthood
This is a weekly group (every Wednesday) of moms and moms-to-be and other queer creative caregivers (Daddies, Uncles, Aunties) coming together to create art, writing, and film projects that chronicle our transformation and journey to parenthood.
Children are welcome to attend.
October 12th we will have guest teachers Danielle leading a creative meditation & Jen Cross leading our group through writing exercises.
Located at Blue Dahlia Gallery (Studio 315 – 3435 Cesar Chavez (between Valencia & Mission).

  • October 16th (1pm – 4pm) – Crafty Witches & Werewolves
FP Family and Youth invites families to come get arty with spooky crafts for the kids, treats, & costume making for Halloween. We will have some art & craft supplies, refreshments and entertainment for the kids but we encourage kids and parents to bring any specific concepts & materials they may need to create their ultimate halloween experience.

ALL AGES. Email feminapotens@gmail.com to RSVP and for location details.

  • October 17th we begin our new series of art classes for youth in collaboration with LYRIC
Femina Potens is thrilled to announce that our FP Family & Youth Program will be pairing up with queer youth organization LYRIC to teach art, film, and writing courses every monday starting October 17th – May 2012. Our course will consist of 7 queer youth ages 17 – 19 and will conclude with a screening of a documentary on the program, a gallery exhibit, and written works created by the youth during the program. We will be updating you monthly on our youth’s progress.

For more information on LYRIC visit LYRIC.org


  • October 20th at 8pm Consent – Communication & Kink Community

“The Other View”, a LIVE talk show with a studio audience brought to you by Femina Potens. The talk show is broadcast live on FeminaPotens.org. Each month we will tackle a different topic for discussion that affects the queer, women, sex worker, kink, and trans communities, and this month we’re speaking to Consent and the BDSM Community. The discussion will include renowned panelists and bdsm community leaders such as Madame Butterfly & Cleo Dubois.

The Other View will happen at the Michelle O’ Connor Gallery at 2111 Mission St. in San Francisco.

Buy tickets now! (FREE for youth and health & wellness providers)

FP Family & Youth Programming / Healthy Community Programming.

Must be 18 or older to attend due to adult nature of discussions.

  • October 28th (7:30pm) - Building Our Own White Picket Fences

October culminates in the collaborative gallery show Building Our Own White Picket Fences, which is a multi-media visual and performative art exhibit that offers Queer perspectives on traditional notions of family, marriage, and relationships. This innovative exhibit will offer interactive performance and art works for the audience to explore through performance, video, audio, & playful installations. Artists Midori, Monica Canilao, Harrison Bartlett, Mev LunaAmelia Reiff Hill and Madison Young have come together to create this engaging body of work that is not to be missed. This body of work serves as a reflection of the experiences of the LGBT community relationships with their partners and families as well as creating dialogue around family dynamics that exist outside of the box.

Building Our Own White Picket Fences opens on October 28th, 7:30pm with food, wine and performances by featured artists at the Michelle O’Connor Gallery, 2111 Mission Street, San Francisco.

  • Femina Potens wants YOU!

Hit up our Kickstarter to learn more about this fantastic project and how you can help build our white picket fences.

We are looking for monetary support to lessen the load of gallery rental, promotional cards, art supplies, gallery reception, and compensating the artists and curator for their work. By donating to our fund you will receive a VIP experience of the exhibition: private parties with the artists and previews of performance pieces, a live feed of the installation process (for the art voyeur in you) and more! Don’t let our fences fall, keep the queer family alive and cookin’.


  • October 30th – Femina Potens has our first Meeting!
We are so excited to be in the process of becoming our own non-profit organization and to have a supportive board of directors helping us to make that happen.

Femina Potens is thrilled to announce that actress, activist, & comedian Margaret Cho has joined our board of directors along with prolific painter & muralist Nancy Peach. Femina Potens also has a new addition to our staff, director, artist, & long time alternative community educator, James Mogul.

To learn more about Femina Potens Staff & Board visit FP Faces on the FeminaPotens.org web site.




On-going exhibits

At the Femina Potens Artist Incubator at the Blue Dahlia Gallery (3435 Cesar Chavez, Studio 315) we continue to exhibit “My Mommy is a Love Artist”, a collaboration of work melding text & fantastical childhood imagery inspired by the text from Madison Young’s upcoming children’s book of the same title.

These illustrations and writings celebrate difference and the power of love that speaks to both children and adults. Featuring artists Madison YoungAngelique X StacyNancy Peach, Mannette Garrison, KD DiamondSuzanne ForbesBrit Howard and other local luminaries as part of Femina Potens’ FP Family & Youth program.

Contact us for an appointment to visit the gallery, or drop in on one of our events at Blue Dahlia to see the show.
Exhibit will be on display until March 2nd, 2012.
Exhibit available for viewing by appointment.

Email feminapotens@gmail.com for viewing.

Through November 5th, Femina Potens teams up with Lyon-Martin Health Clinic (1748 Market Street Suite 201) to present visual art works from artists Suzanne Forbes, Kira Scarlet, Katie Gilmartin and KD Diamond using drawing, needle point and illustration to create health awareness in the queer, women and trans communities. Our exhibition’s goal is to create an environment that is comforting and approachable through artistic expression. We are striving to make an often-intimidating experience more friendly and informative through art.

Visit Lyon-Martin Health Clinic during clinic hours to check out our latest exhibit and make an appointment for your next check up, and read more about the exhibiting artists in our September newsletter.

You can also BUY ART online and support Lyon-Martin today!


SOMArts – Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze
Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze is a traveling survey  of 117 artworks debuting at SOMArts before traveling to the Kinsey Institute which place the male form in a position of objecthood and reverse conventional hierarchies in the culture of display. The exhibition includes an extensive collection of male adoration, male impersonation and male appendages, as well as works which probe contemporary expressions of feminism.
Featured artists include: Juana Alicia, Nancy Buchanan, Guerrilla Girls On Tour!, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Jill O’Bryan, ORLAN, Carolee Schneemann, Sylvia Sleigh, Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, May Wilson, Melissa P. Wolf.
Opening Reception with Artwork Dedication & Performance on Friday, Nov 4 2011, 6–9PM. Free Admission.

Click here and here to read more about this!






Become an FP Member – A time for Renewal

2011 has been about change. Creating change in ourselves and in our community. It has been a time for reflection. Reflecting on the past decade of programming that our organization has provided for our community. Revisiting our mission statement and dreaming a new future.

In March of this year I gave birth to a daughter. A little girl that I am absolutely in love with. And at that moment my entire world expanded, shifted and changed. I was always terrified when people told me that having a child changes everything. I’m a virgo, I like stability and change can be incredibly frightening. Change can also open something up in us that we didn’t know existed. Allow us to care for one another on a deeper level. Allow us to dig deeper into ourselves. Discover new fountains of inspiration and passion that we would have never known.
We are renewed. After a decade of providing some of the most innovative and ground breaking artistic programming in San Francisco, Femina Potens is ready to dig deeper. We are ready to create change on a more National and Global front. We are looking forward, to our future generation of artists as well as honoring our teachers and leaders in community activism and the arts.
So what can you expect at Femina Potens? You can expect new innovative programs such as ArtGasm, Healthy Community, Fist Full of Film, & FP Family. In order to reach a global audience we are broadcasting programming online at FeminaPotens.org, organizing events in NYC and LA, and will be featuring articles, exhibits, artist profiles, & forums on our new FeminaPotens web site. We will be releasing annual art books featuring artists works that have been exhibited at Femina Potens, releasing documentary films on our featured artists, & producing anthologies of written works by Femina Potens featured writers that are workshopped through our Sizzle program. We have new programs developing to support survivors of abuse and rape through artistic and performative expression. Educational artistic youth programming and queer family reading circles that feature progressive children’s stories geared toward queer and allied families. As well as our infamous benefit events such as Art of Restraint and The Thin Line Between Art & Sex.
Femina Potens membership program is a crucial part of our existance. It is through our membership program that we have been able to support programs like these.  In order for our organization to continue to grow we need your support.  A membership of just $10 a month makes it possible for us to afford to keep Femina Potens creating innovative arts programming.





Join the FP Family

Femina Potens is looking for a few good interns! Interested in interning or volunteering with one of the most ground-breaking arts organizations in San Francisco?  We need you.  Become a volunteer and be a part of the action.

You can apply online or send us an email to feminapotens@gmail.com.





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